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The Visitor - Of course, the most important character is the game player, known as the Visitor.

You are the Visitor.
You've always been the Visitor

Portrait of Henry Stauf

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Henry Stauf - He's back! Now Doktor Stauf, if you please. Stauf is the museum's curator. Always the purveyor of the finer things in life, he has become a very cultured gentleman who projects a worldly image. He is dapper and sophisticated, a man of wealth and taste. He has acquired a vast knowledge of art and artifacts and has put together a truly amazing collection of priceless objects to rival those of the greatest museums on Earth. He is a prankster, a showman, an impresario, a performer, a ringmaster and master MC... and he loves to play.

Stauf is also your AI opponent in this game, his task being to thwart your attempts to maneuver about the museum, making you work for the privilege of visiting his museum and generally challenging your wits.

Blue Angel - You as Visitor fortunately have a helpful guide in the form of a female avatar known as The Blue Angel. She is a virtual entity who provides friendly and helpful information about the museum's Items. She puts the "muse" in "museum".

Blue Angel in flight
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She is blue, glows and leaves a vaporous trail as she flies and darts about the environment. Her personality is as mercurial as her movement. She is smart and sexy with an extremely pleasant voice. She can be of any size from life size to very small. The Blue Angel can appear in many guises and costumes, especially in the Vignettes.


Preliminary treatments for costuming
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