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Main Components - You can break the entire The Collector gaming experience into three main components:

  • Main FloorPlan Maze Strategy Game
  • Navigation/Discovery
  • HODs.

The last two are pretty much elective (although you won't be able to avoid some amount of Navigation/Discovery. And completing HODs will provide tangible rewards and extras. Playing only option #1, Visitors play for points using slightly different rules from the larger puzzle/adventure game. Playing this special version offers endless replayability and value to the product.

Separate Modes and Modules - Since these component parts can be thought of or even played as related but separate modules, we could even theoretically start the game by offering three options of how to play.

  • Just the strategy game - against a human opponent or opponents or against AI Stauf
  • Just the Navigation/Discovery mode including HODs
  • All three together, the full Monty, full The Collector experience.

Worlds Within Worlds - Exploration is not limited to the ordinary and mundane environment apparent to the casual eye. In this world, it is possible to enter the micro or macro worlds. For instance, one might choose to examine a derringer pistol only to find oneself being drawn through the barrel only to emerge in a scene from the U.S. Civil War. Or one might gaze through the eyepiece of a telescope and travel lightyears to the far reaches of the galaxy.

Video and CG FX - We will do a lot of video mapping for human entities where applicable. Primitive or "arts and crafts" effects are combined with video and sophisticated CG FX.

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