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Executive Summary (PDF)

The centerpiece of the game is the maze-like museum model FloorPlan strategy game. All other things must make sense according to its goals and strategy. So rather than merely traveling about the museum freely, you must work to open up routes to various destination galleries. Since the configuration of the board is ever changing, so too is the physical layout of the 3D environment. Once a path is opened, you are free to navigate and explore within the boundaries of available passageways and galleries.

Shift the configuration of the maze in order to make a path to the target Gallery. The Doktor's role in this game is to shift the maze against you, stymie your every move, get to the Gallery first himself, and generally make things challenging, if not drive you stark raving mad. Maze shifting is done via the simple strategy game which is played on a two-level board representing the 1st and 2nd floors of the building. Navigation, exploration and puzzle solving take place in a real-time, immersive 3D POV.

The main object of the entire game is to visit all 13 Galleries in the order indicated by the Blue Angel. The intermediary goals are to outwit your AI opponent, Stauf, to get to these target Galleries.

Upon entering a Gallery, many of the Items will be active Displays and one will lead to the main Vignette. (After the first viewing of a Vignette, subsequent viewings are optional. Thereafter, the Visitor is asked, "Would you like to view the dramatic presentation associated with this item?")



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