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There are also games or puzzles to be played, one for each of 13 galleries. This being a museum, they are called Hands-On Displays - HODs for short. These are the "interactive displays" of the museum. Some HODs resemble action/skill activities, some are more like non-goal oriented toys, some require spacial logic to solve and others pure logic, as with the puzzles in the original 7/11 games.

When the Visitor examines a Hands On Display, he is magically transported into the display, placing him within a whole new game environment. This is an example of the "worlds within worlds" nature of the game. Because the HODs employ dynamic, realworld physics, there is a great deal of freedom to manipulate the objects and elements that make up the worlds of the HODs.

Playing and solving them is not mandatory. It is an elective activity. They are "stand-alone" elements within the overall game. But doing so offers some rewards... so there are incentives. This is in keeping with our philosophy of balancing the game to be very accessible and not overly frustrating. Failures are not punished, but accomplishments are rewarded. A solved HOD will provide the Visitor with powerful Talismans that can be used against Stauf during the Floorplan strategy game. Bonus Displays will also become available as extra rewards.

HODs are available all the time. The Visitor may play or replay any HOD at any time. (Blue Angel asks Visitor "Would you like to interact with this Display?")



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