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Executive Summary (PDF)

It is the highly creative and entertaining presentation of the Items in this museum, done with wit, intelligence, humor and style, that separates The Collector from the rest of the gaming pack. Items are potentially active museum pieces that inform and entertain. They are most often visually intriguing, bizarre, unusual or outright creepy. Items in this virtual museum, when clicked on become Displays, the more active form in which the Items "come to life" and are literally "self-explanatory". The information imparted from these Displays is for entertainment and edification value or to serve, enhance or expand the story behind the current Vignette.

Encounters are chance meetings with "ghostly" inhabitants of the museum, Encounters happen in Passageways mostly and are often, but not necessarily related to a Vignette. They seem to be random occurrences. The Visitor does not pro-actively activate them.

At the start of the game the Galleries and Passageways are rather sparse. As game progresses more Items appear for display. So there are new things to find each time the Visitor revisits a place. Solving HODs also helps populate the environment with more Items.



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