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Henry Stauf has moved on from his mysterious mansion on the Hudson River in upstate New York. He now resides in his own museum that appears to exist in a timeless world in some peculiar European town or city. Stauf has populated his collection with objects and artifacts from around the globe and from throughout time. These items tell fantastic, but historically accurate tales of evil, triumph and the absurd throughout human history.

Stauf's museum is a strange, shifting maze-like environment. There are worlds within worlds in this extraordinary, magical place. This is not so much a museum of natural history, but of the unnatural history of mankind. As such, it is filled with amazing, strange, sometimes bizarre but historically accurate artifacts that often exhibit the dark side of man's nature as much as the glories of his higher accomplishments. The contents and decor of the place, and the principal characters that run it, project an air of playful perversity and amusing decadence.

This is a virtual museum. It is a master curator's dream, built from the outer limits of the mind and the imagination. It is planned for user-friendly presentation of its contents. And if the player, known as the Visitor, does well, he/she is rewarded with more content - content that is factual, interesting, sometimes terrifying and always entertaining. Though sometimes bizarre, all of the stories are based on real events in our history. There is no need to reinvent history or embellish the facts. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction.


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