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The Collector is made to appeal to a broad demographic. Not just to the average gamer, but to the average person. It is accessible to young and old, females as well as males, hardcore and casual gamer and even the non-gamer. Its gameplay is intuitive. There are no frustrating and complex rules. It is daring in its straightforward and non-complex design, yet it is challenging.

Almost everyone loves to explore and be entertained. But some people feel stupid when they have to solve a puzzle or play a game requiring a high level of skill. The Collector allows clever gamers to feel clever using their full set of mental skills - spatial logic, inductive reasoning and strategic planning are all essential to winning - while less experienced gamers will be thoroughly entertained, amused and engaged without feeling overly challenged.

The Collector has depth of play, but not at the expense of simple rules and clear, accessible goals.

It is also unique in its use of cinematic drama and comedy that is presented in an eclectic and diverse mix of storytelling styles throughout the ages, from monochrome cinema to shadow puppets to animated hieroglyphs.

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