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Executive Summary (PDF)

This is a story about the history of human kind, its triumphs, accomplishments and inventions. Sadly, it is also the story of evil. The museum, while creating a window to the history of the world, also reflects some of Stauf's madness. If the many terrible events throughout history can be described as evil, then can madness be far away? Or are madness and evil one and the same thing?

And when it comes to humor nothing is sacred. Satire is the most fun and effective form of critical observation. The Collector looks at life from all sides. In this world, it is a fine line between horror and humor.

The world of The Collector is an eclectic combination of every museum, collector's mansion, gallery of horrors, oddity and curio shop you've ever seen. Needless to say, the environment is visually rich. The place is comprised of many Galleries that vary in style and décor. They are as if designed by a demented architect working in coordination with a mad interior designer. These and other Galleries are rich in décor and furnishings.

You may find yourself stranded in a desolate Passageway. It is so empty, cold and barren, being alone here is worse than being in the company of the ghosts of villains. Sometimes, if you pause long enough, you can hear the spirits stirring. Or is that merely the sound of the building settling and rats scurrying? It is an eerie and disturbing place. Every so often, you may encounter persons behaving very strangely. You will see scenes for which the source could only be the depths of your worst nightmares. Sure this is a dark and evil place, but remember, this is a game! It is done with good Spirits, if you'll pardon the expression

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