The Murder of Phillip of Macedon

The Player finds a model of a Macedonian palace.

BLUE ANGEL: This is the palace of King Phillip of Macedon, father of Alexander the Great.

Clicking on the appropriate hotspot will cause the Tableau to come to life. The scene takes place from above, with tiny figures inhabiting the model. We see a procession of King Phillip of Macedon walking across a courtyard with his son Alexander. Behind them follow several guards.

Around a corner, unseen by this group an assassin pulls a dagger from his belt. Suddenly, he runs straight into the courtyard and stabs Phillip in the chest—the King falls to the ground. Alexander shouts out "Father!". He pulls his sword from its scabbard, chases down the assassin and cuts off his head.




ALEXANDER of Macedon (aged 19) is asleep in bed with a scroll held in one hand. He sits up with a start—as if waking from a nightmare—and instantly grabs a long dagger from beside his bed. He gets out of bed, dropping the scroll on his pillow, and cautiously walks toward the door, holding the dagger out in front of him, poised to strike.

Something stirs in the corner of the room—a hooded shape. ALEXANDER leaps forward, wrestling the figure to the ground and holds the dagger to the person's throat. He rips off the hood to reveal the BLUE ANGEL, playing the part of THAIS, a beautiful Greek courtesan.

ALEXANDER: (surprised) Thais!

THAIS smiles and grabs ALEXANDER'S hand—the hand holding the dagger. She traces the blade softly across her own neck (not drawing blood) then guides it to ALEXANDER'S throat. This arouses him greatly. He tears open her cloak to reveal her naked chest. She pokes the tip of the blade into his neck, drawing blood. He pulls back angrily and she scrambles away, laughing. ALEXANDER stabs the dagger into a wooden post and crawls after her. She lets herself be captured. He grabs her waist and drags her to him. Suddenly, she rolls him over, pinning his hands to the floor, straddling him.

ALEXANDER: (laughing) I concede, Thais.

THAIS: You give up too easily.

ALEXANDER makes himself comfortable, crossing his arms behind his head.

ALEXANDER: On the battlefield never. But in the bedroom I'm a willing victim. I learned that bit of wisdom from my teacher Aristotle.

He gestures to a bust of Aristotle.

THAIS stands up.

ALEXANDER: (petulantly) Hey, where are you going?

THAIS: I came to warn you. The king tells me things in his bed.

ALEXANDER gets up and goes to her.

ALEXANDER: My father is a drunk and babbles nonsense like a barbarian.

THAIS: He plans on having you murdered. So the heir of his second wife can assume the throne.

His expression grows stern.

ALEXANDER: I believe you. I've heard rumors. (pause, angrily) I should kill him myself. With my bare hands.

THAIS: No, Alexander. It must not be by your hands. You will lose all sympathy if you commit patricide.

She bows on her knees before him.

ALEXANDER: What are you doing?

THAIS: It is your destiny to conquer the world. You will be invincible. Your followers will bow to you like I do now—like a Persian slave. They will worship your statue as they would a God. You are a God.

He stares into the distance.

ALEXANDER: I had a dream tonight. I saw whole armies annihilated. Crushed. Cities burning. Walls crumbling to the ground. Nameless rivers crossed. Boundless regions conquered. No one will defeat me. But where do I begin? When?

THAIS: Tomorrow. The assassin will strike. And you will kill the king's murderer, thus revenging your father.

ALEXANDER kneels in front of THAIS and kisses her lustily.

ALEXANDER: You're no longer the king's possession. I claim you as my own.

He takes a ring from his finger and puts it in her hand. She pushes him back to the ground and lays on top of him again.

THAIS: (laughing) I was going to say the same thing about you. You are no longer the king's possession. I claim you as my own.

She puts on the ring and admires it.

ALEXANDER frowns, but before he can reply she covers his mouth with her own.




Encounter 1: Clicking on a carved bust of Alexander will cause the statue to come to life and speak: "You traitors! My father made you city-dwellers. He gave you cloaks instead of skins. He brought you law and civilized you. He rescued you from subjugation and slavery and made you masters of the wild tribes who harried and plundered you! And this is how you repay his son? With mutiny? My army will not stop here. We will not go back to Macedon until we have conquered the world!"

Encounter 2: Clicking on a model of the Persian city of Persopolis causes it to erupt into flames. We hear screams coming from the buildings. The voice of the Blue Angel says: "Thais ordered Alexander to burn the capital of Persia to the ground. He obeyed."

Encounter 3: The Player finds a mosaic of Alexander astride his horse, doing battle with Darius, king of the Persians. Clicking on the image causes the scene to come to life for a moment with violent action.


  1. A Macedonian dagger used to kill king Phillip.
  2. The ring Alexander gives to Thais when he claims her.
  3. The scroll Alexander was reading in bed. It is The Iliad. Clicking on it will highlight a sentence translated into English: "for victory shifteth from man to man."
  4. A bust of Aristotle that is in Alexander's room. Clicking on it causes it to speak: "No great genius exists without a touch of madness."

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