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To Infinity and Beyond...Verin 'George' Lewis
Sept 9th, 1952-August 5th, 2022

Dear Loved Ones Near and Far, 

My dad, Verin ‘George’ Lewis, made his grand exit at dawn Friday August 5th. His time in Hospice and the days leading up to his passing were well spent, family visits, phone calls with friends and many many jokes. It was heartening to see him remain very much himself, even in those final days. Although the gravity of this loss is momentous we are deeply relieved to know that he is no longer in suffering (and maybe even having a little fun out there in the cosmos).

My mom and I are doing well as we navigate the new landscape of our lives. His other daughter Mica Hamilton and his grandson Drake Hamilton have returned to California after a profoundly beautiful visit and we all talk often in remembrance and celebration of his life. Since his passing we have been enjoying talking to dad’s friends from his far and wide community. The many friends he has made over the years, from Micro Computer Resources  the GDC to Trilobyte to his work with revolutionary Bobby Seale, to his dream realized in Josh’s World to his early years in Ashland dancing at cooks and selling computers door to door with me in toddler form on his shoulders. What is most striking to all of us is the deep impact he has made throughout his life and the many times he reinvented himself and his work! Looking back through this time and his life with each of you helps ease the ache of his absence.

As we, if ever so slowly, begin to look ahead we humbly look to you for your continued support. There are so many many ways to offer such kindness in the days ahead, please see below for a list of ways and links!

A hearty thank you to all of you for your time, laughter and love that you all have brought to his life, we are looking forward to a celebration of life next spring! If you don't have my direct contact and would like to be kept posted as we select a date and begin planning please email me at Please include your name, relationship and any other sharings or remembrances you so desire!

PS keep your hearts open and your senses alert through this time of Verin’s Transition and who knows…he might just pop by for a quick visit and show off his newfangled powers!


Katherine & Robin

How To Help
  • My childhood friend and sorta nephew to my dad has launched a Go Fund Me for me and my mom. All funds go towards the costs of his end of life care, expenses for myself and other family visits before his passing, cremation and celebration of life, and to support my mother as she navigates this new chapter and next year when she relocates closer to Portland to be easily within arms reach of me!

  • Since the early nineties my dad has been a dear friend of Bobby Seale, they have produced speaking appearances, collaborated on his website and been focused on continued efforts to liberate all people, please look at his website (hosted by my dad and now a dear friend Charlie) order a book, book him to speak and spread the good word.

  • Give a look and one of my dads last project Parallel Worlds Music with Robert Carteaux Jr., a cutting-Virtual reality music Production company that offered holistic and forward-thinking managing services that nurtures and develops VR musical artists, from development to production, from distribution to promotion, from recording to studio to the VR concert arena.

  • Through my fathers example, I stopped waiting for the world to catch up with me and I founded my own company, From the Ground UP: A Research and Development Center for New Art, a Portland OR, based organization that makes new works of art for live performance. Focusing on marginalized populations we elevate sidelined voices, invoke important community dialogues and support the creation and production of stories that are often overlooked. Knowing that by bringing these stories to the forefront we can create spaces that empower artists, invite the unusual, challenge norms and forge new paths that elevate individuals and communities both here and beyond.

    I like to believe his legacy looms large in my work in the world and I carry him forth as I continue to carve my own unique path. Feel free to check us out and if you are so inclined make a (tax deductible) contribution !! All your support will go towards next years programs and the exciting growth we are anticipating as we expand our team and community offerings.

  • And last but certainly NOT least please email, call, text anytime you would like! Share remembrances, funny stories, pictures and anything you would like! My contact is 541.543.0228 and my email is, We also have an alter we are keeping through this time (see photo below) and if you are so moved to contribute or would like to send a card, flowers, balloons or a singing telegram please send them to me at 2509 NE Flanders APT 200, Portland OR 97232

  • PPS Here is a link to the playlist we listened to the last night papa was earthside, turn it on, turn it up and imbibe in whatever way you see fit!

Katherine Murphy Lewis  / she . her /
Artistic Director 
From the Ground UP
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